Roaring 2020's


Since the beginning of this year we have faced a lot of urgent challenges that called for immediate action. The coronavirus has locked us in our homes, closed national borders and shut down economies. Its sudden impact on our daily lives was unprecedented. Even though our world is slowly opening up again, the world is changing in other directions as well. The anti-racism movement has gained renewed momentum and seems more vivid than ever. And then we are still battling a global climate crisis. It is time for some critical reflections, the world is no longer the same as when 2020 began.

Roaring times raise many questions. What does our new reality entail? What will the future look like? How do we perceive the world around us, with life feeling different, with us trying to see differently? Will the year 2020 finally be the start of radical change?

To kickoff the collection, we have asked makers and thinkers around us to reflect on the now, in words, images, sound, video, or any other medium. This project is a collective work in progress, works will be added throughout the remainder of 2020. We hope this expanding collection will provide consolation and inspiration, and will teach us about where we come from and where we want to go from here. Together.

Do you have a reflection you would like to add to our collection? Send it to us!

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