Julia Buchenrieder – Black Lives Matter

Black lives have and always will matter. It is essential, for us to take this time to critically reflect on our thoughts and ideas regarding race. We must begin to listen to the voices which have been silenced. The beauty of black women is represented by the woman at the centre of the piece. I incorporated some of the signs I saw at the protest, and displayed them with colours that showcase strength and beauty.

My name is Julia aka Jul and I am currently living in Berlin. Painting is a cathartic process for me, only then can I be fully honest with myself and express myself freely. It is a state in which I can truly be at peace without having to deal with distracting thoughts or unnecessary judgment. The canvas is like a mirror, it always reflects what’s going on within me. When you paint out of anger, pain or fear, the colours and the brush strokes will reflect exactly those emotions. It is like having a non verbal conversation with yourself.


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