Evi Penders – Even voor eeuwig

“A year ago, I started my graduation phase as an illustrator at de Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam. Even though the corona pandemic was still to come, the feeling of disconnection was already a part of me. My mind and body didn’t seem to cooperate that well anymore. An overfloat of thoughts were leading my mind far away from my body and her environment. At least, it felt like that. I decided to create an image archive embracing all my impulses. I started to draw random thoughts and physical reactions without trying to connect them to one another.
Before I knew it, another form of isolation began. The corona virus forced people to collectively stay at home. The global physical isolation led to more conversations about mental isolation, and my work from the last months became more relevant. Looking back at the archive I saw new possibilities in the impulsive sketches I made. I started building an interactive online installation with interconnected rooms of isolated thoughts. The installation offers visitors an experience of both self-control and helplessness at the same time. You are able to make choices by clicking, but some states of mind are unavoidable.

Even voor eeuwig offers perspectives on the transience of thoughts, the good and the bad, and on how experiences in mind and body will always lead to new chapters in life.”

Visit the whole online installation at www.evipenders.nl

About Evi
Evi is a Rotterdam based autonomous illustrator who is interested in the human mind and body. She creates abstract landscapes based on thoughts and physical reactions coming from different moods. The collaboration between analogue sketches, film, sound and digital frames ensures a gloomy but at the same time humorous translation of those moods. Evi’s website is the main platform of her artistic research into the human being. Here, the works can interact with each other and take other forms whenever she wants, momentarily eternally.  



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