Fleur Spolidor – Home

“In some parts of the world it’s time to try to go back to a “normal life”. I’m thinking of summer and all the places we won’t go or all the friends we won’t see. Let’s play it safe a little longer.”

The Dream is part of a series called Home that I started during the intelligent lockdown. Like a diary, my little digital artworks were recordings of a particular moment, between hope and despair. This is an ongoing series as the situation keeps on unfolding, we still don’t have a treatment. And I realize with time, that the economic crisis that’s following the health crisis brings us back to the notion of home again. But in this case, the absence of it. With so many people losing their jobs and their stability, owning or renting a place becomes more complicated. In the US, people are already getting evicted. Our only safe place during this pandemic is taken from us.

Fleur Spolidor is a french artist born in Paris who lived in Zurich and San Francisco and recently moved to Amsterdam. Daughter of a metallurgist engineer and a Freudian psychologist, she enjoys reading nonsense literature and adventure novels. After studying art and contemporary art history at the University in Paris, she taught in different schools of design and at the University before opening her own art studio, working with galleries and private collectors. Spolidor’s work is about contemporary issues like the never ending need to protect women’s rights and the accelerating global warming. Her main body of work called “Alice”, depicts the different characters of Lewis Carroll’s book in modern metropolis. Each of her work starts with a sketch on her iPad, she then proceeds to paint them on canvas, over layers of found materials like plastic, fabric, metal, paper in an effort to recycle and reuse instead of discarding. Spolidor’s figurative work drifts between nonsense and satyre, between past and present time, to reflect on the short memory and recurring mistakes made by mankind.




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