Zindzi Zwietering – Souvenir

A souvenir for sinistre times: a puzzle, poster and poem

During the ‘intelligent lockdown’ (COVID-19, 2020) Zindzi decided to step outdoors daily, alone, with her camera. She wanted to capture the silent city in which she lives, Amsterdam. In the way that photography offered her comfort during lockdown, she hopes that this publication, will offer you comfort as well. Once you have completed the puzzle you can frame it and put it up on the wall. This way the puzzle becomes a tangible souvenir of a remarkable and unsettling time. An easily accessible way to buy art. A way to bring the outside world inside. And maybe even a way to look at a photo for a longer period of time than ever before.

This project was initiated by Zindzi Zwietering, and resulted in a collaboration between sjondebaron, Sean van den Steenhoven, Ko van ’t Hek and herself. The product was made possible by the Amsterdam Art Fund (AFK). Everything is made locally. Poster 4 color Riso print by Kaboem. Printing of the puzzle by Repro’s Amsterdam. Lasercutting of the puzzle by CRE8.

The product is available (€50,- only) through zindzizwietering.com/shop.

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