Philo Ouweleen – Slowing Down: Part 2

This project is a both a restart and continuation of my earlier ‘Slowing down’ photo project: a continuous effort to slow down and be attentive of my daily surroundings. Using a simple single-use camera, I observe my everyday life. Beauty and interesting sights are all around us: as long as we open our eyes to it.

The project had come to a halt, but as the pandemic shook the foundation of our lives, I actively searched for beauty, forcing myself to slow down amidst a tide of anxious emotions and constant developments in regard to COVID19.

These photos are for me a reminder of a difficult time in which I have been so fortunate to also experience a lot of beauty, joy and love. The photos reflect my life during the intelligent lockdown in the Netherlands: seeking solace in nature – my weekly escape-, photos at home enjoying things such as the dynamic between light and shadow, and spending time with my zen man, who continues to be a wonderful loving rock in the storm.

About Philo
I am an artist, Japanologist and public speaker. I hold a MA in Japan Studies from the University of Leiden, with a specialization in Japanese Arts and Media. My interest in Japan is also reflected in my artistic work. I work mainly on paper with mixed media.  Bold lines and flatness characterise my visual style, inspired by manga, anime and Japanese woodblock prints. My work has previously been shown in Berlin (Treptow Ateliers, Living Cities) and Amsterdam (de Hallen, Changing City: VOX-POP, Stories from Kameoka). Currently I am working on two series: Intimacy (watercolor paintings focusing on feelings of intimacy and affection) and Japanese mythology (gouache paintings referring to Japanese folktales).



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