Tianyi Zheng – You With Me

You With Me is a single-channel digital video, which traces and examines the poetic fragments in daily conversation from a linguistics perspective, through the reorganization and reproduction of text. Viewing some of the footage I accidentally took, some nonsense conversation was uncovered, which was recorded when some of my friends were talking before going to the supermarket. In the context of coronavirus lockdown, the film revisits and rethinks the boredom and emptiness of everyday conversation, and questions how human conditions are reflected through the perception of time in relation to language.

Tianyi Zheng (1995, Hubei) is a visual artist based in Hong Kong and the
Netherlands, who explores the interface and narration between the issue of space, place, and identity of people, as well as urbanization and technologization. Displayed in mixed media installations, her work is composed of ready-made objects, video, text, sound, and performance. She is currently doing the Master of Fine Art in MADTech at the Frank Mohr Institute (Groningen) and received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). She is also the initiator of Wild Art Festival, a cultural art event in Hong Kong that provides learning opportunities and discovers the possibilities of art in public space.


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